Non-NHS Work Fees

Access to Records

Viewing records under Access to Health Records Act 1990 (computerised/manual unless added to in the last 40 days) or photocopying of records -Free

Solicitors – £50

Accident & Sickness Insurance Medicals

Full examination and report – £104/109 plus test ach

Report extract from records – £27

Supplementary reports – £30

Road traffic accident whiplash insurance claim – £21.30


Sick note or incapacity certificate (for employers) – £17

Drivers Medicals

HGV medical examination and report – £109

Bus, taxi and all other driving fitness medical/certificate – £109

Seat belt exemption certificate – £75


Holiday insurance certificate – £30

Non-NHS vaccination for travel abroad – Variable

International certificate of vaccination – £17

Private prescription for travel abroad – £14.50


GP letter re absence, cancellations, travel, school, employers – £30

GP letter/report re medical records – £60

GP detailed report with opinion/statement of condition for employment, study, fitness to attend – £90

General/employer’s medical examination and report (patients) – £136.50

Private health insurance claim certificates – £30

Private prescriptions – £14.50

Power of attorney – £150

Adoption medical and report (paid by patient) – £109

Fostering (paid in accordance with associated paperwork) – Varies

We wish our patients to note: If we the practice do not complete such medical proforma, patients will need to make arrangements with another medical practitioner. The practitioner will need to see their medical records, so it is recommended patients sign up to on-line access to their medical records.

It is best not to send your application to the Police until the Medical Proforma is completed and can be sent accompanying the application.

Patients applying for a shotgun licence need to submit a medical proforma with their application to the police. Please contact


Examination of fitness to attend/insurance report – £30

Sports Medicals

Examination/certificate for fitness to participate – £30